Placebag Launches Subscription Service For Restaurants

June 20, 2016


(New York, NY)—Placebag, a premier provider of custom food ordering platforms, has announced the launch of their subscription service for restaurants. Based on the package that a restaurant owner chooses, Placebag will create and maintain a fully-customized food ordering system that can be integrated with social media and smartphone apps. All setup and maintenance of the system will be done for a one-time setup fee and a low flat monthly rate.

Mark Engel, a spokesperson for Placebag, stated “While concept originality and food quality are important, the customer service experience is truly what makes or breaks a restaurant. We know this because Placebag was built specifically for restaurant owners by people who have been in the industry. We understand that their customers want the convenience of being able to order online or from their mobile phones, and we have made it our mission to give restaurant owners an avenue to provide that service. Instead of trying to set aside huge amounts of capital to get the job done, our subscription service is making things much easier and more affordable.”

At restaurant owners can choose from one of three subscription packages starting at just $29 per month. The Start-Up package offers a full setup of features such as online menus, real-time reports, social sharing, and unlimited customer ordering. Enterprise-level packages are available with additional features like intelligent upselling, Facebook ordering, rewards systems, and off-hours support. A full list of features is available at Mobile apps can be added for a low monthly fee as well. Subscription pricing is per location and in addition to an initial $100 setup fee. Business owners can rest assured that there are no order transmission or per-transaction fees added to their monthly rate.

As Engel goes on to say, “Our subscription services are designed to place the keys to success in every restaurant owner’s hands. We invite them to contact us today to see what we can do to help them provide the top-notch web and mobile ordering experience their customers truly deserve.”

Visit to learn more about Placebag and their custom food ordering subscription packages.

About Placebag:

Placebag is a subscription service for restaurants to get access to custom food ordering systems. Placebag offers mobile ordering apps, website ordering, and ordering directly from Facebook. This allows restaurant owners to spread their menus or products everywhere, increase revenue with online and mobile ordering, and have fully functional ordering websites and apps all branded to their business. Add an online ordering widget to a current website or use as a standalone website.


Online Marketing Degree – Discovering an Alternative Approach to an Exciting Career

March 18, 2016

Do you acquire an analytic apperception and acquire abundant advice skills? If yes, again conceivably you should accede advancing an Online Business Degree. Nowadays, as the apple becomes more globalized, accepting a amount online is absolutely a accepted abnormality for every household. This not alone allows you to abstraction at your own clip but allows gives you the alternative to abide alive forth with studies.

Skills Pre-Requisites

Some of the few pre-requisite abilities which you accept to accept in adjustment to excel in the acreage of business include:

  • Great Advice Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • An Analytic Mind
  • A top amount of self-motivation and
  • Adaptability

Choosing the appropriate school

One of the a lot of important locations of accepting an online business amount is allotment the appropriate school. Top rated schools for business are acceptable options for accepting these degrees. They are not alone accepted and accustomed common but aswell accommodate acceptance with the accompaniment of the art skills, education, and training that is appropriate aural this field. Whether you are opting for associates, bachelors or a master’s amount in marketing, the antagonism for jobs in business is boxy and will crave that you baddest the appropriate school. Quality programs aftereffect in able graduates in marketing.

Moreover, an online amount in business provides graduates with abounding altered job opportunities. Some of the key areas of studies pursued by a business apprentice involve:

  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Brand Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Strategies
  • Internet Marketing

Career Outlook

Getting an online amount in business offers absolutely a advantageous career angle for students. Jobs in business are some of the accomplished paid positions in the country. The boilerplate bacon for access akin marketers can ambit up to $35,000. With specific degrees and experience, it is accessible to acquisition plan as business specialists and even directors. Salaries in these positions can go up to $100,000. The accepted angle for this acreage is actual good, which is why online degrees in this breadth are popular.

Additionally, already you get a amount in marketing, there are abounding avenues and career choices that disentangle afore you. Some of these career choices include:

  • Brand Manager
  • Salesperson/Sales Manager
  • Market Researcher
  • Media Planner
  • Product Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Public Relation Manager
  • Advertising Manager

Marketing is absolutely an agitative best of career. All it requires is some harder plan and arduous assurance to excel. So if you are one of those abounding humans who cannot stick to approved classroom studies again accepting an online business degree is the ideal aisle for you.